Apr. 11th, 2011

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Exhausted... should probably go to sleep soon, but at the same time I should probably grade a little before bed.

Got to see my kids do a little dance program for the school today (well most of them) and it reminded me how much I miss dancing and dancing in recitals and whatnot. It really was some of the highlights of my youth. Don't get me wrong, I had some really good times in my youth, but very few things could beat the feeling of being on stage and shining with the music. Music just flowing through you as you get that rush of adrenaline from stage fright. The combination of the intoxicating beat and the thrill of the stage made it so very incredible for me.

I miss dancing.

There definitely was something that flowed through me. A shy awkward girl could become a goddess and I knew it.. and I reveled in it.


I don't think the kids likely felt anything like that (though I could be wrong), but they had fun. I think I might see if there's a dance school looking for a not so professional teacher. I think I would find great joy in encouraging big smiles and big hair XD

On a slightly random note... I noticed that a teacher just got a brand new tattoo on her wrist. And another teacher has a tattoo on her ankle and she wears skirts and stuff all the time. And there was another teacher with a tattoo on her neck (albeit it wasn't the easiest thing to see it was still there). I would be curious to see if this is a trend in all schools or just mine b/c it's all urban like. I get the feeling that it really isn't restricted to urban schools (I saw some before with ankle tattoo's in suburban schools). Contemplating this possibility definitely opens my mind to some different sort of tattoo's, but I think regardless I'll start with my ankle. That's where something is desparately missing and well... needs to be fixed. But exciting possibilities for the future ^_^


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