Apr. 18th, 2011

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This weekend was good. I felt really productive and things were achieved, not just in the process of being achieved. I also got to see people and hang with people without the stress of school happening within a day or so.

This morning was relatively peaceful and smooth, though upon waking I was met with some news I'm still not sure about... actually a little uneasy about. But for the most part it didn't affect a huge part of my morning.

Then the car stuff started exploding and my dad was unreachable. The man who I somewhat depend on car knowledge wise and financially when it comes to big explosions of car stuff. The man who is also notoriously unreliable in all situations (I was gonna make an exception with computery type stuff, but really even there if it's not his way he's completely unreliable), but contact was eventually made and things seemed to be working out. My car brakes so smoothly now it's great!

I like my car guys.

I was going to go to the doctor today, but I can't deal with more stress. There's already possible stress looming and my poor heart just doesn't want to take it. So I'll go later in the week. The rest of today will be devoted to grading and tracking down people. I'm realizing that I crave people right now. I need their touch, their thoughts, their presence. I have to admit that that is sort of a select list of crave. I've decided I'm not leaving the house for the rest of the day unless necessary, but phone calls will work in the absence of convenient proximity.

At least today has so far been productive. I'm hoping to regain some of the stress free feeling I had over the weekend.


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