May. 2nd, 2011

soleilfae: (Bunny girl)
Contemplating a gym membership.

Had a great weekend. One of my favorite things in that weekend involved wrestling boys on a mat... yeah, awesome! But I have discovered that the result of my enjoyment is lots and lots of pain everytime I move a muscle in my body. I'm so sore it went from funny, to so not funny, right back to funny again.

So I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get into better shape so the next time I want to have fun it won't involve so much recovery. Also, I felt pretty damn good today stress wise considering how much I hurt.

And yes, in theory I could do things at home, but it always seems to turn out like working at home for me. It will happen sometimes, but I really have to push myself most times if it's gonna happen. Plus, I don't have the equipment that would facilitate the kind of workouts I need (I likes things that help me do carb and don't kill my joints and bones).

But, now my problem is... is it worth it? Are the things I can afford worth going to? Should I just work on doing what I can until I can afford a better location?

Sometimes I dislike money.


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