May. 10th, 2011

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Random declaration by one of my students...

"Miss C I have $2.35!"

And in my head, "Hail Eris!"
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I find myself saying this a lot in class..

"There is no talking!"

And following that in my head..

"There is only Zuul!"

Wow, does this make me smile on the inside! Of course this is never said aloud only really because I know it would be totally lost on them. But I love how much my dorkdom makes me smile and laugh throughout the day.
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Tackled the horrific DMV today. Renewed license obtained!

Joined a gym yesterday. One of those 10 bucks a month deals and I can quit anytime before the 17th of the month and won't have to pay the next month's fee (rutgers would have been over 355 a year.... no!). Basic, no frills, I go in and work out and leave. Today I tried it for the first time. I always feel awkward in a gym. I feel like everyone is looking at me watching as I wonder around looking like a complete noob and I know this isn't totally true... Still awkward.

The workout felt really good, I seriously needed it, and it added to my feeling of accomplishment for the day. Woot!

I'll probably go back Thursday? (lets see how that goes)

::oh dear is it really just Tuesday =(::

Other things accomplished for today... possibly dates, dentists, recommendation letters.... Many of these may not be finalized the way I hope, but at least there was progress and this makes me ever so very happy.

Next Goals:
-dentistry awesomeness
-application packet to HP
-confirm some dates
-do an awesome jig at some point (my pov of awesome btw)
-read more books!
-work on ritual awesomesauce
-work on divination sparkly

P.S. awesome jig achieved XD


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