May. 20th, 2011

soleilfae: (No f'ing way)
The gods are quirky and awesome...

I found out late into the process that my job would be extended and then I realized that this would interfere with steampunk. I am stage managing the outside stage for the event and there was a lot of "oh no's! but you knew this this and this!" I honestly was never too worried, but I know I would have busted my balls trying to make up for the lateness.

Wednesday... yes, this wednesday... I find out that interim grades are due Saturday... yes, tomorrow. So I basically found out I have two days to do all of my interim grades (b/c testing just got done and I had nothing really graded yet) with the fact that steampunk starts today and I would be all ball busting to make up for the fact that I refuse to leave the job that pays me and I enjoy doing and hope to get a permanent position in... mouth full.

Anyhoo.. so I've been busting apparently another set of balls to get enough grades in to make up a decent interim grade. Got a good chunk done, but I needed math.. so I stuck around the house a little longer to do that... I get a call from a performer asking about an alleged canceled outside stage. I freak thinking it had something to do with me (there's a little bit of craziness happening everywhere) and so I call to find out that no, it was canceled due to a tornado warning....


I love the gods.

So now I grade a little more and go tonight to pitter around and help a little. Tomorrow will be more running around in my official position, but that will be tomorrow. A day with more rest and focus for me ^_^

Did I mention it looks pretty damn good outside?


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