Jun. 10th, 2011

soleilfae: (feeling)
So I tend to naturally stop eating less in warm weather... especially at the beginning of the season when my bodies first getting used to exhaustingly hot days. Working in a/c has helped to keep some of my appetite there, but even that's a bit of a struggle.

This is all when things are normal. Right now I'm also doing a lot of thinking, dealing with things, and again confronted with the need to find a job. Today I worked, went to the doctor to clear up a trenton matter, got turned away at the post office in trying to get my passport, did some shopping for fsg, and have just in general been very thoughtful... I had breakfast. I even forced myself to eat all of what I prepared even though I didn't want to about half way in. Then I had 2 1/2 almonds around 2ish.

After a long feverish nap (because that's what you get in a house with no a/c on a hot hot day) I'm finally awake and actually feeling hungry. It's still hot enough that if all I had was water I would be fine to go to sleep for the night.

I think if I can figure out how to clear up all the thoughts in my head I'll get back to base... maybe fsg will help with that.


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