Feb. 27th, 2012

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Ok, I'm going to start off with stating that I'm deep in NRE and in-love at the moment, so when I started on my way to the DC area and my check engine light was on... Well, I didn't stop.

But! I listened to my car. Nothing seemed wrong or out of place. I've been in plenty of situations where I have either heard my own car or another's car go terribly wrong that I can usually tell if I can expect to spend large quantities of money on my car. I figured that it was probably just a misfire in the plugs and likely I just needed a tune-up.

Of course despite all my best reasoning there was still this nagging voice of... maybe x and then sh!t!

So I said a prayer or so to Asphaltia and continued on my way (by train or bus if necessary I was getting down there).

On my way back (yes, the light was still on) I stopped to grab gas in a location where I actually had to pump my own gas. Living in NJ is weird... I want to say sometimes but I think that's understating things to a ridiculous degree. Regardless I know my car. I even know the quirks in the gas cap and its door. My gas cap used to have a plastic bit that attached it to my car. This plastic bit has been broken for years and sadly beyond repair. And the door over the gas cap has not closed right in something like a year or so. There's something bent in the metal bits so that when you close it you have to kinda push it closed and then it usually pops back up but just slightly. These are facts of my car. Features that make my car my car...

I get out to pump gas and, well, the gas cap was attached to my car and the door opened and closed without a problem...

I seriously took a split where I wasn't sure this was my car. I don't care if it does have all my crap in it! Next thing you know the bumpers will fix themselves and scratches will disappear! (please?)

This just outright weirded me out so I was a little wary about my car when I left the station. It did feel a little different then the majority of the time I had driven it that weekend. I was then all like, "aw damn... what next..." I look down to look at my check engine light (like I did constantly while driving) and miraculously it was gone! So all I really needed to do was make sure the gas cap was on well enough (the other thing about Jersey is I find a lot of attendants I end up with don't always do a good job of putting the cap back on). Or maybe someone for some reason replaced my cap and fixed the door just forgetting to secure the gas cap well enough? Really this whole series of events is somewhat ridiculous and in some part incredible, but frak it!

Hail Asphaltia!!


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