Jul. 9th, 2012

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This is actually to gush about how much I'm loving my tarot cards (still just a baby in learning tarot). But first, a little back story...

So, I'm being kidnapped to Sirius Rising. This is in no way me kicking or screaming about this, I'm rather looking forward to it, but I'm being whisked off after the wedding of a friend to Niagara Falls, then to Sirius, then down to VA for Busch Gardens. It's going to be an adventure and I very much appreciate J&J for this opportunity (though this was most certainly Julie's master plan).

I've been wanting to talk to my cards for a while and I just have gotten crazy busy or forgetful or exhausted and said I would do it later.... So this is later.

First question: (sorta paraphrased but the important words are highlighted) What do I *want* from Sirius Rising? I recognized my word fumble really before I finished shuffling, but felt like it was good to go with. And so I pulled... 10 of Pentacles. Going with my books meaning this tells me I want fullness of life and blessings of the Goddess. Well, yeah, I'm always looking for this, but I love when my cards tell me something I already know (does this make me weird?).

Second question: What will I *find* at Sirius Rising? I pulled seven of wands and the death card. Again with my book, inner struggle (but apparently what I take as in a good and exciting sort of way) and transformation. This makes perfect sense of the sort of thing I will *find* at Sirius, but then I realized my other word fumble, as I was writing this journal... This is likely what many will find at Sirius.

Third question: What will I *get* at Sirius Rising? Ace of Wands. The birth of a new idea, enthusiasm, creative energy, vitality, intuition... Alright, this sounds very much more of a five-ish day thing.

Really, I'm sure all of these will be involved in my five-ish days there, but the first two feel like things that are larger processes for me than just a few days out in the woods and the third feels like it's an actual concrete thing that will take place within those days... Then again, I've been hit with that rock before and it will likely happen many more times, just not sure if it'll happen at this event.

Point is, I love my cards ^_^


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