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So the most awesome thing happened to me the other day in the midst of something pretty skeevy.

Due to some increasing interests, and just the general need to get this done from time to time, I went to get tested. This is where the skeevy comes into play because there were all sorts of things (bugs mostly) creeping and crawling around that office, and though most the couples and people there seemed like just random people, there were a couple that were pretty skeevtastic.

I finally got called in around 11 after getting there at 9:15. I didn't have a whole lot to drink or eat that morning, which isn't like me, so already stressed. I get in there and realize "oh crap they have to take blood...." On a good day this is a difficult task... I was dreading this process. As I'm preparing myself mentally I say a little prayer to Brigid to help get me through this without passing out or too much pain.

First nurse stuck me twice, once in each arm, and had absolutely no luck. The spots didn't even bleed afterward. The second nurse came in and checked me over. And that's pretty much it. She tested various veins along my forearm and hand to see where might be a possible vein. Then she left and a third nurse came in. Oldest of the three. Talkative. Firm but caring touch. She gave me a good slap on the inner arm looking for a vein. And she was wearing a Brigid's cross.

The third nurse starting talking to me about my Brigid's cross and said she got hers in Ireland and had found a Celtic cross around her neck in the street... apparently hand forged? I think my mind was big time on Brigid at this point in the stories ^_^
She found a vein in the crook of my elbow, to the side instead of in the center. It wasn't pleasant, but she stuck me once and found it.

So I got home, I sang Brigid a song as I lit a candle for her, and I plan on figuring out where to put her shrine up soon. Sometimes there are no words worthy enough for the blessings we receive... I think she knows how much that meant to me. Either way I feel a shrine is necessary. Should see what I can find... oh and a bead necklace for her! Trip to Michael's soon ^_^


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