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My evening has been rather stressful, so I want to try to hold onto and celebrate this moment...

I was leaving the school today, heading to my car, when I saw some kids rolling down the hill in the wooden structures that usually go around trash cans around there. I recognized one of the kids there as a sister of a boy I had in my class last year... I just knew he would be there a part of it.

Sure enough he was one of the boys crawling out of the wooden structures. I called to him, which inspired his sister to run my way, and him to run in circles directly following an eepish sound (he is what I consider the poster child for ADHD). Eventually he made his way to me along with the other boys who were participating in rolling down the hill.

I told them that it would be really bad for them if someone caught them and they got into big trouble. Their response was to say "aren't you somebody?" I replied by saying sure, but I was more interested in them stopping then getting them into trouble. This was followed by questions about where I was working and talk about wanting to be in a position to teach maybe one of them one day. They asked if I could teach fifth grade (aka. they want me to be their teacher.. hot! I don't think they realize how much of a hardass I can be ^_^).

They agreed to stop rolling down the hill and before I left I asked if they could fix the trash cans, regardless of the fact that they claimed to not be the ones to dismantle them. And they did it!

They did it!

This is a school where a lot of the teachers *were* just ignoring these kids and driving off to home. Where it's expected to find graffiti and trash all over the place. Respect for the school really doesn't happen. This is the school with the worst reputation deep in the middle of the ghetto. And these kids put these trash cans back together. I didn't even have to stand there watching over them.

That had me flying for a bit and if I think about it or talk about it I find I start flying again. Right now I need that.. I hope it stays strong enough to recall in times of need.

That moment shines.


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