Rule #2

Jan. 13th, 2007 10:22 pm
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You know how rule #1 when going grocery shopping is to never go on an empty stomach..

Today I discovered rule #2: Never go grocery shopping when depressed.

I walked out of the store today with cookies, cake mix, chocolate tea cake and almost nothing healthy in my bag. This coming from the person who hasn't really eaten sweets in a while, except for the occasional destress ice cream or cake (everyone needs a little something and I don't smoke ^^).
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I need hugs, happiness, and compassion right now. Not a one happening at the moment. I should have known that such a good high from the holidays would necessarily need to be followed by a firm smack on the pavement.

tis my life.
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Ever feel like you're on auto-pilot and your wiring is a little sluggish?

Last night I was in a rather ick mood, my mind was racing, my heart was heavy, and though I could see everyone in real-time my reaction were extremely delayed. I felt like I was outside my body looking on and I kept having to kick my auto-pilot.

One example: I would smile at someone out of courtesy and the smile would still be there even when my mind had raced ahead about a week in relation to my face. It was odd realizing that your physical reactions are strolling behind when your are running far ahead of them. It's odd feeling separated from your body so distinctly.
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Ice cream is good. When you're down. Especially on a cone.

Watched "the medallion" last night. Though normally I love Jackie Chan, goofy comedies, and most films other people hate.. I couldn't do it with this movie! This is the movie you get drunk to with friends, talking and laughing at the thing the whole time.

I've been down. To the point it feels as if I'm getting sick, though I shouldn't considering the nice weather and the fact I take over 4 grams of vit C a day.

I've nearly broken down in front of my clients, which is extreme for me. Been trying to break out of it in little bits. Went to Michael's the other day and got some Christmas stuff and crafty stuff. Been talking to a friend. Trying not to rant too much about my issues. I don't really think it's fair to him, but he's been real sweet and encouraged the ranting. He knows I need it, and I believe he knows I would do the same for him.

Still things are lacking. And frenchmen filming empire penguins get high on helium...


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