Dec. 24th, 2006 04:38 pm
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The inevitable thing about visiting a home and friends you had left... they eventually do the same thing and it is harder and harder to see all those you care about.

I have two of my best friends leave town with little time spent. One was definitely better than the other in time spent, but it never feels like enough when you have to say good-bye.

Now I'm feeling so sad, with so much still to do.. I miss my friends down here. But not the city... maybe I can get everyone I love up north to down south to move to my area. At least some area I wouldn't mind moving to ^^
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It's difficult to get me up any early than absolutely necessary. I luuuuv my sleep. I luv the feeling of being warm and snugglie in a warm bed when outside of it is nice and chilly.

This past week I've actually been getting up at least 30 minutes early so that I may drink my coffee ^^. I'll admit, it's not always so easy, but I push myself to do it.

Not only do I have coffee, but I also have extra time to enjoy in the morning, so I've been using it to read. What heaven in the morning! There's only one thing missing... a Geoff to snuggle..

---OH! and I was thinking the other day that now I have coffee readily available for any who might want to come and visit ^^
I know it's silly, there is plenty of other reasons to visit, but coffee is always an inviting offer!


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