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I was reading a gamepro mag the other day and thought I saw FFXIII in the slot for games to come out in 2007... well that's way too soon after a recent release of XII right?! So, in my mind I reasoned that my eyes must have been playing tricks with me and it was really a re-release of VIII.

Here it is, Final Fantasy XIII" slotted for winter 2007... but of course it'll prolly be pushed back. I seriously doubt that it'll come out in the time that they're predicting, but even so that's pretty damn soon after XII.

It is for the PS3 also so I seriously doubt that I'll play it for a while even if it does come out on time (unless I have an extremely generous friend or a rich relative I don't know about die and leave the money all to me). But it does encourage me to get off my butt (at least by this upcoming summer), get and play FFXII before crazy excitement and spoilers start pouring out about the next one. (though I don't mind spoilers, I like to at least be caught up on any relevant info).

Edit: Pretty ^^
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I got lucky to catch this piece on NPR last night about The Online Gaming World.

I thought some here might enjoy the same thing. It's crazy when you hear that some of these people selling online gains for reallife money can actually earn a six figure income... Go listen ^^


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