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Well of course it's not, technically... yet.

Wanna wish everyone a Merry belated Christmas! and a hopefully Happy New Year!! ^^


Dec. 24th, 2006 04:38 pm
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The inevitable thing about visiting a home and friends you had left... they eventually do the same thing and it is harder and harder to see all those you care about.

I have two of my best friends leave town with little time spent. One was definitely better than the other in time spent, but it never feels like enough when you have to say good-bye.

Now I'm feeling so sad, with so much still to do.. I miss my friends down here. But not the city... maybe I can get everyone I love up north to down south to move to my area. At least some area I wouldn't mind moving to ^^
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I do this really strange thing whenever that song "Christmas shoes" is played on the radio.

I can listen to it happily, not a tear in my eye... as soon as I start singing though I'm a baby. I start gushing and crying and being extremely soppy about the whole thing. It prolly has to do with the different sides of the brain and what they control... but there should be a little more convergence. My thought on that is that my brain is overly diverted by all the activities of driving around crazies. Multi-tasking can only go so far ^^

That is my Christmas shoes oddity.. to add to that, it's also the only song that does that to me. It's normally a similar event occurring between singing and when I'm just listening. I think my left side of the brain has a special block for this song, it's too soppy ^^
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Having a good day today. The only real time that I felt a little down about being alone and working today was Sunday. After a good lunch/brunch with [ profile] tsaiko and [ profile] miome, I went grocery shopping. It was a bit depressing seeing all these people buying for their big dinners and there I was buying mac'n'chees and an itty bitty ham ball. That was the worse of it, the rest was little bits here and there, but really it's not so bad. I should be getting a plate from my neighbors, so they said. So maybe I'll at least get some stuffing ^^

Plus I get Christmas off since I'm working today. That I think is worth it.


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