Oct. 10th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies and yet I was not able to see it in the theatre, or on stage...

If it ever found itself back in the theatre (movie), I would prolly see it some five+ times before it left again. It's just the most beautiful and inspiring movie. No words I could write now could come close to justifying what the music makes me feel.

So.. I shall dance


and sing


aren't ya glad this isn't irl! ^^
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"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly" ^^
--Rob Marshall's Father (seen in the special features of "memoirs of a geisha")

Love it! It immediately relieved some of my tension related to things in my life and seemed to shine a light on the enjoyable part of life. An affect like that from a quote is very rare for me. Maybe it just fits me right now ^^
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Eek! Chilly ^^
But what a nice day it was today!

Enjoyed watching "memoirs of a geisha". Definitely a movie I wouldn't mind owning. For some reason it put me in the mind of "phantom of the opera"... I know, I'm weird (proud of it).

Got to watch "the family stone" also recently. I liked it. The acting made me cringe at a couple of spots, but past that it was another tear jerker for me ^^

"March of the penguins", mmm, very cute, and interesting. Very sad to see the eggs crack or babies freeze. Yes, this was also a tear jerker for me a couple of times. -- > sucker to tear up < --

::shivers:: my little heater fan is so nice ^___^
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Ice cream is good. When you're down. Especially on a cone.

Watched "the medallion" last night. Though normally I love Jackie Chan, goofy comedies, and most films other people hate.. I couldn't do it with this movie! This is the movie you get drunk to with friends, talking and laughing at the thing the whole time.

I've been down. To the point it feels as if I'm getting sick, though I shouldn't considering the nice weather and the fact I take over 4 grams of vit C a day.

I've nearly broken down in front of my clients, which is extreme for me. Been trying to break out of it in little bits. Went to Michael's the other day and got some Christmas stuff and crafty stuff. Been talking to a friend. Trying not to rant too much about my issues. I don't really think it's fair to him, but he's been real sweet and encouraged the ranting. He knows I need it, and I believe he knows I would do the same for him.

Still things are lacking. And frenchmen filming empire penguins get high on helium...
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Interesting movie..

not really a spoiler but might as well cut it )

Oh.. and nothing against intellectuals, it's the pompous intellectual types I dislike. This relates to the movie, best to see to understand (I'll admit I'm never really good at conveying ideas and whatnot from outside sources).


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