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And there is the cherry to top the day!

By only a little over 7,000 votes too, in a typically conservative state... wow!

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Ok, I'm in a good mood ^_________^

Democrats got the house. There's a nice evenish balance in the Senate that even if they don't gain the majority I'm not going to cry (though it does have its perks). And Rumsfeld is LEAVING!!!

I was so worried last night, but it looks like things worked out pretty okay. The cherry on the cake would be getting the majority in the Senate... here's hopin!
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Did it early this morning.. had an older yet semi-modern ballot counter. So I got to use paper instead of the touch screens.

Found this on Sinfest and felt great amounts of empathy with the little guy in the books. But, oh well, lets hope things come out well in this election. The last few seemed like nightmares.


Oct. 17th, 2006 09:36 pm
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I rarely listen to anything on the radio but NPR, lately. The only exception really is when I'm with one particular client who asks to listen to a station she likes. It's a bit of a mix in styles and tends to focus on an African American audience. I like the talk and at least half the songs so I never really mind changing.

Today I was listening to this other station when I heard the most horrible, despicable, propaganda!

It accuses someone, who knows, the government, his opposition, whoever, of a secret holocaust of African Americans!! The gall! Apparently young pregnant girls are being hurried away in the night against their will to get abortions. He says that there's a secret holocaust, apparently, because abortion centers are focused in African American neighborhoods... I'm sorry, someone, anyone, who wants to get an abortion will likely find a way to go about this whether it's convenient or not. I believe in Mississippi there is only one abortion center available in the state.. girls of all types and backgrounds would have to travel a pretty large distance to get an abortion, and girls do.

Funny thing about the propaganda.. didn't even say what party the candidate was with. I'd put my money on republican. With all their problems lately this guy probably wants to avoid being associated with that party. Don't blame him for that, I do blame him for such a horrid, disgusting manipulation of the people.

**Best part, I don't even remember the guys name!
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I found myself reading an article today about religious extremism and world politics. In it the author speaks about how dangerous it is to have world leaders as religious extremists, not to mention how scary it is to have them feeling comfortable with the fact that they expect armageddon any day now and that they are divinely led to that end (no duh!).

The article suggested religious moderates would be our saving grace and that secularism would not be of any help. Don't know on that end. I say, lets just get the power out of the zealots hands! It's like two year olds running around with momma's china. > <

"No Georgy, put it down.. NO! softly.. STOP! awe, he broke it."

Sinfest, one of my favorite comics, says it perfectly I think.


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