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Mmmm, yea, so I was enjoying the lovely, abnormally warm day today by reading in my living room with the windows up. Fresh air, nice breeze, David Eddings... can't beat it!

Went to shut the windows before work when I accidentally pull it out of the frame... nice, brand new windows... just installed, and I go and pull them out of their nice new home(well this was going through my mind right after it happened).

Then I realized that my landlord told me they would be some sort of fold out windows or something so I could more easily clean them, and so I put two and two together and looked for some latching mechanism. Then realized that the hole kinda things on the top of the seal are actually there to open the thing so I can clean it. She's a genius folks... > < But yea. I figured it out with a mild heart attack inbetween.

Rule #2

Jan. 13th, 2007 10:22 pm
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You know how rule #1 when going grocery shopping is to never go on an empty stomach..

Today I discovered rule #2: Never go grocery shopping when depressed.

I walked out of the store today with cookies, cake mix, chocolate tea cake and almost nothing healthy in my bag. This coming from the person who hasn't really eaten sweets in a while, except for the occasional destress ice cream or cake (everyone needs a little something and I don't smoke ^^).
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I should know better than to make plans in my head when my plans never never happen as I want them to... though when they do it seems my desires have always altered to some other focus.

I shouldn't complain either. It seems that no matter how things turn out it is for the best.

For me right now, it's about taking the steps to make sure I have a place to live in college and the funds to do so (assuming I'm accepted of course). I have a tendency to take some things for granted, but I do try to work on this when I get around to seeing it happening.

Here's hoping all goes well >< ::crosses fingers::
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Driving through Chapel Hill this morning was quite eerie... I can not recall a day when there were so few cars on the road. This includes the most recent Thanksgiving.

My first thought was that the town of Chapel Hill was in recovery from a major party last night.. who knows.

Some stores were open but like half the town was closed down. Was really boring.

Oh but driving was sooo very nice this morning ^^


Dec. 14th, 2006 07:13 pm
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quiet whisper

quiet thought

quiet love


quiet is such a beautiful word, in meaning and appearance.
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Thought this was pretty interesting. Reminded me of some posts some time back.

wrod yo )

This kinda stuff isn't new to me. Something that came up a couple time when I was studying psychology. We also fill in gaps that may be missing from common symbols like stars and hearts, letters in the alphabet, and even faces if a picture is missing a little something.

Maybe it's a silly thought but I always wondered about the different perspective of those in the east who read in symbols, whatnot. Would it be different, and if it were how drastically different? I suppose it would be harder to find place to land a gap so that they could still see what concept it should represent. Then again, this could just be a really silly line of thought. I'm always aware of that possibility ^^

**Funny side not.. you should have seen the spell check on this one. I should know better ^^
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Have you ever felt like you were experiencing a foot-in-mouth energy? It's like, you don't say anything wrong, but your energy seems to just bump into people creating awkward situations...

Maybe it's just me.. feeling like that a lot recently.

Oh, and having an interesting time with the new AIM upgrade, it's... different. Gotta get used to it but I'm starting to like. AND! I have a weemee. It's cute. Just check out It's like sims without all the cool ability to kill them off and get the men pregnant, oh, and it's in chibi form!
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Ever feel like you're on auto-pilot and your wiring is a little sluggish?

Last night I was in a rather ick mood, my mind was racing, my heart was heavy, and though I could see everyone in real-time my reaction were extremely delayed. I felt like I was outside my body looking on and I kept having to kick my auto-pilot.

One example: I would smile at someone out of courtesy and the smile would still be there even when my mind had raced ahead about a week in relation to my face. It was odd realizing that your physical reactions are strolling behind when your are running far ahead of them. It's odd feeling separated from your body so distinctly.
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So about a week ago I'm getting all excited because apparently my landlord has the guy all set to put in some new windows in the house I rent.. then I hear "he needs 4 weeks to custom make the windows". ACK! Then he's all like, "at least it'll be before winter", yet if it's anything like last year I'm gonna have crappy windows through the cold spell and nice ones when the temperature gets a little warmer.

This looks like that is how it will happen. It's in the fifties and is reaching around freezing at night. ::shivers::

If I'm making any typos.. sorry, my fingers are a bit on the frozen side. You would think with my little heater fan and blanket this would not be so, but my house likes to retain moister and chill. Handy in the summer, not in the winter.

Random Side Note: Evangelicals seem to populate this area more so than most places I've lived in. And they're scary! They drown themselves in religion, ignore almost all outside sources, talk about the "end days" being here, and apparently everything on earth is satan's play area (but this is ok cuz it's the end days and things will end soon).
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K, so I played like 20 games of sudoku today.. easy, yes, but I'm a beginner thank you.

I was just curious about how to play, now I don't wanna stop!

I was playing in one of these cheap books with some 200-300 games. Lost one of the games, but I prolly could have fixed it if I started over. The only problem with that is that I was doing all my games in pen...

Found myself enjoying figuring out different ways of coming to the right answer. Absolutely awesome game! They need it on neopets. If they happen to have it under some strange name and you know this please let me know. The other comp games I've found are like 20$ and I'm not ready to go there.
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Found this interesting site through an old friend's post..

Bizarre American Holidays

April 27--Tell a Story Day ^^ dats my birthday!

Bit ironic considering I'm definitely not that great at telling stories.

And today October 17 is... Gaudy Day, hehe!


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