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Chemical spill at the mall today (Southpoint for those local to NC).

Was sitting chattin with a random person. We both were wondering about everyone being "sick", coughing so much. Then of course we both find our own throats tickled to the point of needing to cough... 'it's just the body shop next door with all the strong smells', right.

Found out in another store that somewhere or another there was a chemical spill of some unknown chemical (at least unknown to the people I discovered this from). I overheard a cop saying something about it to someone but totally missed the 'we think its this' part.

Now I'm feeling a little icky, but it could be any number of other things. Stress of varying sorts, I worked at a hospital last night, got up really early this morning, and the rain all day are the things I think is more likely to be the cause.

But still.. ack!
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There's gotta be some sort of force field against broadband in my area. Cable won't come here, the telephone company won't expand their broadband service here, and now I've been skipped over by clear wire...

Ok, clear wire is a service that utilizes cell phone tower like things to provide broadband. Perfect for those out in the boonies... I think so.

They were poised to build right through my neighborhood. They were building right down I-40, they had towers set up in the town next to my neighborhood. Today I find out that that they literally skipped over me and put one tower in the town next to me on the other side then jumped over to the next big town and built seven towers!

Seriously people! They say they won't get the customers.. well the first person in here will get all the customers wanting broadband b/c it'll be their only option! And as long as their service is good and they have good prices they'll keep it when 5-10 years from now the next option for broadband opens up.

Why are these companies so very stubborn and so very blind!? They need to be doing some surveys. Maybe even some advertising.(funny side note on advertising, I keep getting vonage ads--which we couldn't use if we wanted to due to people like clear wire staying away)

Sometimes wonder if there is someone around here keeping them out. We can't even get basic cable and we're 2 miles from the highway, with a decent population in my neighborhood and the road leading up to my neighborhood.

All I know is someone is being a major prick.
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Ok, nice christians really do exist. You just don't notice them because they're not walking around going "I'm a christian, you're going to hell"...

little rant... sure )


Oct. 17th, 2006 09:36 pm
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I rarely listen to anything on the radio but NPR, lately. The only exception really is when I'm with one particular client who asks to listen to a station she likes. It's a bit of a mix in styles and tends to focus on an African American audience. I like the talk and at least half the songs so I never really mind changing.

Today I was listening to this other station when I heard the most horrible, despicable, propaganda!

It accuses someone, who knows, the government, his opposition, whoever, of a secret holocaust of African Americans!! The gall! Apparently young pregnant girls are being hurried away in the night against their will to get abortions. He says that there's a secret holocaust, apparently, because abortion centers are focused in African American neighborhoods... I'm sorry, someone, anyone, who wants to get an abortion will likely find a way to go about this whether it's convenient or not. I believe in Mississippi there is only one abortion center available in the state.. girls of all types and backgrounds would have to travel a pretty large distance to get an abortion, and girls do.

Funny thing about the propaganda.. didn't even say what party the candidate was with. I'd put my money on republican. With all their problems lately this guy probably wants to avoid being associated with that party. Don't blame him for that, I do blame him for such a horrid, disgusting manipulation of the people.

**Best part, I don't even remember the guys name!
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I had a conversation with an evangelical christian today.. Not intentional on my part. I started speaking about random other things, conversation continued, and I was asked if I was a christian. Sure sign of an evangelical sort (not to mention she decides to go all into the semantics of denominations and evangelicals compared to non-evangelical groups).

The actual part in this conversation that ticks me off (b/c I will discuss any taboo subject with anyone willing--though I usually know where to limit myself and read them to know how not to get too confrontational--we even talked politics ^^). My issue had to deal with when she said those trite words that separate anyone from a touchy subject, "you're still young" or "at your age". Those tried and true words that are sure to sever any connection of understanding or learning of new information. Seems a common method used for those who don't seem to want to deal with new information provided, or a different perspective presented.

I nearly laughed when she assumed that I was the hold firm type. Though I might should take it as a compliment considering I've been accused by everyone that knows me, including myself, as being indecisive, taking too many sides into consideration, as a result not taking a side. I like being the devil's advocate to others and myself. I don't believe in going to an extreme due to the fact that every side has a glimmer of truth, and I believe that needs to be remembered. She automatically assumed that I was the extremist stubborn type who has absolute beliefs about things and won't relent.. apparently all she could see was her niece and herself.

There's a reason for the saying that assumptions only "make and ass out of u and me".. assumptions breed ignorance, they give people an excuse to shut their ears (figuratively and literally) to the truth.

I can be just as guilty, but I'm also aware of this fact. I do my best to avoid or remedy any situation where I go forward lead by assumptions. I have a strong value for the truth, and it really erks me when people absolutely revel in assumptions. And unfortunately I find this most frequently in the older population. In this, I find the only area I really have a hard time relating to the 50+ population.

Truth is found in any age. If we begin to forget that, we may live happily in ignorance, but at what cost? And how rich will our life really be in such a small bubble?


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