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Have you ever felt like you were experiencing a foot-in-mouth energy? It's like, you don't say anything wrong, but your energy seems to just bump into people creating awkward situations...

Maybe it's just me.. feeling like that a lot recently.

Oh, and having an interesting time with the new AIM upgrade, it's... different. Gotta get used to it but I'm starting to like. AND! I have a weemee. It's cute. Just check out It's like sims without all the cool ability to kill them off and get the men pregnant, oh, and it's in chibi form!
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Ever feel like you're on auto-pilot and your wiring is a little sluggish?

Last night I was in a rather ick mood, my mind was racing, my heart was heavy, and though I could see everyone in real-time my reaction were extremely delayed. I felt like I was outside my body looking on and I kept having to kick my auto-pilot.

One example: I would smile at someone out of courtesy and the smile would still be there even when my mind had raced ahead about a week in relation to my face. It was odd realizing that your physical reactions are strolling behind when your are running far ahead of them. It's odd feeling separated from your body so distinctly.
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Monday morning, around 4am, I wake up to the sound of my neighbor's dog barking quite loudly outside my window. This isn't his usual. Well.. ok, it is, but only with something he doesn't like for some reason, which really isn't all that often (mostly when the mailman comes through).

At some point there is silence enough to hear something sprint away across the leaves from the vicinity of my window. I gathered from the sound that what ever it was was short legged, light, with two legs, and ran through my neighbor's yard (the only area with leaves enough to make noise).

I'm out in the country.. none of my neighbors are either young enough or short legged enough to run that quickly....

Needless to say I did not sleep well the following night.


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