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In a very thoughtful state of mind.

Part of me is not interested in experiencing the harsh grounding of the real world tomorrow... part of me is curious to see how things will balance out.

I say real world, but truly part of my mind is floating in real world concerns.. but I suppose they are so far off and distant that they might as well not be.

Change is happening, progress is looming, and my soul feels it. Every part of my being is preparing and finding it unwanting to juggle the concerns of daily life.

It is a momentary thought, but one I find myself in quite often throughout my life. I like to delve down deep into myself... twiddling through the webs of my mind... finding so many fascinating mysteries and potentials that I get lost and find it hard to want to return. I do return. Things get done, as they should. I've also found I can be rather good at this. Not always happy with it, but I do know that I'm not happy in the extreme of always existing within myself. Would be nice though to have a few more days and hours of discourse with peers and my teacher on the subjects. As it is with their schedule and mine I hope to get even a few meaningful minutes.

This summer. Time will be made this summer... hopefully :)


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