soleilfae: (No f'ing way)
soleilfae ([personal profile] soleilfae) wrote2011-08-23 03:19 pm


So that was my first earthquake... well that I was somewhat aware of.


Anyhoo. I was at the gym on a weight machine. I was taking a break between reps when I realized that the machine was doing a little shimmy on its own... I immediately looked at the floor and wondered if it were an earthquake (Had an interesting way of briefly pulling my consciousness into the earth and it's many workings and movings...). Looked up. Realized I was right under the tv's... that would suck if it were bad enough to cause those to fall.

I figured I would check news when I got home, but I just rationalized it to maybe heavier than usual traffic for that moment (it was really a super light shimmy).

Still wow!