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Yes I have new windows in the house that I rent. And it is soooo nice ^^

You know it's a sad thing when your open new windows let in the same amount of sound that your closed old windows used to. Insulation, WOOT!

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K, so I played like 20 games of sudoku today.. easy, yes, but I'm a beginner thank you.

I was just curious about how to play, now I don't wanna stop!

I was playing in one of these cheap books with some 200-300 games. Lost one of the games, but I prolly could have fixed it if I started over. The only problem with that is that I was doing all my games in pen...

Found myself enjoying figuring out different ways of coming to the right answer. Absolutely awesome game! They need it on neopets. If they happen to have it under some strange name and you know this please let me know. The other comp games I've found are like 20$ and I'm not ready to go there.
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Some mac'n'cheese, a little hamburger meat, and what ever condiments suit your pleasure and my friend, you have a goooooood meal. ^___________^

Unfortunately all I had was ketchup and mustard.. if I had some pickles it would have been just a little bit better. Ooo, and! maybe next time I'll also add some sauteed onions, green peppers, and banana peppers! Now that sounds soooo good ^^
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Was totally bad last night and ended up falling asleep on the end of my bed because I didn't want to get off the computer and take a shower.

But that was all made up with some coffee and eggies in a basket ^^!

Now lets see if this actually helps motivate me to do all the tasks I need to do today...

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So.. like.. I ate this nice size brownie and a good amount of ice cream some 2-3 hours ago and I'm still not sick!

In fact I feel quite pleasant.

Usually something happens almost instantly, at least within 30 minutes. So maybe.. just maybe, there's something really good about all this not eating preservatives and certain ingredients...

Still really curious what it is exactly that messes me up. What I'm allergic to...

Maybe it'll also answer some recent questions (like why I feel like I'm thinking through a cloud most of the time). I thought a lot of it was just getting older. A bit depressing, but maybe this allergy thing is a silver lining. I'd rather avoid my favorite foods and feel good than gorge myself on the foods I love and feel sluggish and unable to think all the time.
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One of the best things on a down day is a brownie with cookies and cream ice cream. It's really not a brownie, or at least a good one, without cookies n cream.

(even if I'll have to pay for it-- this one is worth it)
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It's difficult to get me up any early than absolutely necessary. I luuuuv my sleep. I luv the feeling of being warm and snugglie in a warm bed when outside of it is nice and chilly.

This past week I've actually been getting up at least 30 minutes early so that I may drink my coffee ^^. I'll admit, it's not always so easy, but I push myself to do it.

Not only do I have coffee, but I also have extra time to enjoy in the morning, so I've been using it to read. What heaven in the morning! There's only one thing missing... a Geoff to snuggle..

---OH! and I was thinking the other day that now I have coffee readily available for any who might want to come and visit ^^
I know it's silly, there is plenty of other reasons to visit, but coffee is always an inviting offer!


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